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The excitement of an adventure with Famous Desert Buggy starts when our 4x4 Desert Safari Taxi pulls up to your driveway. Nissan Patrols and Toyota Land Cruisers, two of the most luxurious and capable SUVs in the world, are among our fleet's vehicles. In order to get you in the spirit for your desert adventure with Famous Desert Buggy, our drivers will smash over the dunes with you on the route to our desert camp. Those who like rugged terrains like fast tracks, big dunes, and mountains over polished black concrete will find gorgeous red sand to explore. That being said, why delay? Don't miss your chance to go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in a safari buggy.

Who We Are

Famous Desert Buggy is an adventurous safari buggy tour company that creates bespoke tours for families on an adventure. Tours offered by Famous Desert Buggy are great for individuals of all ages and are sure to awaken your inner sense of adventure. Trekking, dune buggy tours, sunset desert tours, hiking routes, and desert motorsports are just a few of the many desert activities available.

Our Vision

Famous Desert Buggy delivers people wonderful vacation experiences by taking them on a thrilling tour over the desert's vast reaches. We provide visitors with the opportunity to see the United Arab Emirates outside of the bustle of its urban centers. As a result, we consider it a great privilege to be able to show our international customers sights they had previously only imagined.

Our Mission

We at Famous Desert Buggy think there's more to Dubai than its beaches and enormous shopping malls. This is why we are so excited to introduce you to a new way to enjoy the splendour of the Dubai desert. Contact Famous Desert Buggy immediately and join us on your next adventure!

The Best Desert Buggy Service in Dubai, UAE

Pick and choose from a wide range of sightseeing tours, buggy tours, attractions, and experiences available in the city. You can opt to join a group dessert tour or make arrangements for a private tour. Take the sunset desert rides that the whole family will enjoy. Get in touch with our adventure specialists, who are ready to help you customize your team.

A committed tour manager team is always looking into new avenues for adventure. Each year we introduce fresh and intriguing ways to explore the area. If you'd want a more personalized touring experience, hiring a private vehicle and driver is an option.

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The excitement of an adventure with Famous Desert Buggy starts when our 4x4 Desert Safari Taxi pulls up to your driveway.

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